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Motivation Psychology...

... is one of the « Humanist Psychology » schools, beside Erwin Yalom’s Existential Psychology and Victor Frankl’s logotherapy.

My practice is also inspired by them. 

For these schools, the human being is considered

as a whole, including in particular spiritual and ethical issues.

deep understanding of our wishes and practical method for self-analysis

… provides an effective, practical and precise method to self-analyse our deepest motivations, thus allowing us to become fully satisfied in our lives.  To fill better with oneself, with others and with the world.

I can personally bear witness to it, having practiced this method on myself and for others. 

It opens the way to reach a deeper understanding of our wishes, whether they be material, sexual, and also spiritual!

Paul Diel was a philosopher and a profound humanist and psychologist. All his life was devoted to his works. Like all pioneers, he was blocked by all the stereotyped views prevailing at the time, in spite of the fact that he was supported by prominent scientists (as Einstein in particular). Nevertheless, with a high level of perseverance and strength of mind, he succeeded to create the Motivation Psychology School, providing it with analysis tools which are still particularly relevant nowadays.

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