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Since I retired a few years ago, I've had the opportunity to freely devote myself to my grand-children and to my hobbies : psychology and physics.

After an in-depth formation in Motivation Psychology and several trainings in Hypnosis and Mindfulness,

I practize as a Psychopraticien since about fifteen years.

And devote myself to reseach in Astrophysics in the remaining free time.

Or inversely…


In my previous life, I created a small company to help the R&D area with communication issues. I was thus able, for ten years, to relish the delights of individual entrepreneurship. Let’s just say that I lived the retirement as a kind of release.


In a previous life, I had spent six years in a big computer company , a time when I really learnt quite a lot about real life…


I came across Motivation Psychology in those days.

It did not failed to give me a new outlook on all my past lives, and helped me to keep busy in the retirement stage!

Prior to this, I remember very well an exciting professional situation, in spite of its difficulties: I was head of  a research laboratory in the field of telecommunications, and pursued studies in optics and image processing. I was also teaching: up to now, I still thoroughly enjoy teaching.

In those days, I was a young man, beginning his active life and building up some experience, professionally and as a  husband and father as well.

So, everything was OK, except that I felt some internal strain, along with some displeasure when I looked at the external world. That's why I was driven to practice yoga, about forty years ago… I was then keenly aware of the harsh world we live in.  Nowadays things haven’t really improved in any way but my outlook has been slightly modified over the years. 

Prior to this, was the time of higher education: in particular I spent a year in a renowned Californian university, where I discovered America with its hopes and  limitations, and I attended a “Grande Ecole”…

Before, in my school days, I was a smart student, hard-working, skilled in mathematics, immersed in his books and a little withdrawn.

My parents severely suffered from the war, which ruined my family, economically and psychologically. My father had to work very hard for twenty years, before restoring some measure of material well-being to our family.

I was born in Vichy in 1943. Prior to this, I don’t remember.


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