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Welcome to my website,
depending on your topics of interest:
Physics, Psychology, Yoga…



You feel depressed? stressed? anxious?

You suffer from relational, professional, educational difficulties ?

Do not hesitate to contact me, in case you could benefit from some of my remaining availabilities…

(first session free)



Black matter and black energy:

do they exist?

I appear to be one of the few research fellows trying out new theories to make us do without those concepts...


Psychological analysis of fundamental Buddhism

                       Un jour viendra... couleur d’orange...

                       Comme un oiseau sur la plus haute branche...

                       Où les gens s’aimeront!


Will the poet desire be effective in our contemporary society ?

When and How will it be ?...


That is the subject of my new book, with a psychological point of view.


In this book are given : an analysis of our society, personal questionning

for those who would like to promote more empathy, examination of the freudian view, remarks on the role of science, and positive perspectives

for our future…


And, for readers not familiar with Motivation Psychology, are also proposed practical exercices…


(available on Amazon as a printed book or Kindle)

de la
Engineer Télécom ParisTech
Master of Science (CalTech university)
Physics PHD (Orsay University)
Practising yoga
for 40 ans...
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